How to Get 1M+ YouTube Video Views in Single day. Step by Step.


YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world. Although there are millions of viewers watching content every minute, it is not easy for YouTube content creators to gain views on their content. So, how do you get them to watch your videos? Here are a few ways you can use to boost YouTube views for your channel


Optimize you channel

Complete the description section in a way that describes your type of content and why viewers should watch your videos. Click Settings and then Channel. Then input relevant keywords into the box titled 'Keywords'. Included social links, use the same logo, optimal dimensions for the profile pictures, and banner.

Use custom thumbnails

Viewers who are skimming through random video content are attracted by the thumbnail first. Ditch the auto-generated thumbnail and create a custom thumbnail for yourself. 90 percent of top YouTube channels use custom thumbnails. Avoid click baits as people will stop coming back to your content as they know your intention.

Enable embedding

Go to YouTube Studio and click Content. Select your video and tap Edit. Select Embedding, and set the toggle on. Allow people to embed/share your video on their websites/socials as it will help your brand reach new audiences and get more views on YouTube. 

 Perform keyword research

Use tools like Google Keywords Planner or Ahrefs. Take the relevant words and use them in your video title, tags, video description text, and subtitles.

  • Say your keyword in your video
  • Upload a transcript to YouTube 
  • Add keywords to your video description


Use suggested videos

You can get your video in the suggested section of a popular video by trying the following: Find a popular channel and sort the videos by most popular. See what keywords are used for the video. Check the video’s metadata, right-click on the page, and select View Page Source. Then press CTRL-F “keywords” until you find the list. 


Create timestamps

First-time viewers mostly would want to skim through your content. So, use timestamps to help viewers find anchor points. To create a timestamp, type out the time in your description in this format: hh:mm:ss, starting with a 0:00 timestamp, automatically creating a timestamp link. The chapters need to be at least 10 seconds in length.


Try Teasers

Sometimes just sharing links of all videos you think will work doesn't work. You are making the algorithm happy by posting it directly to Instagram or Facebook, but are you creating curiosity? A well-made teaser can attract more viewers than just a random video. Create a teaser for your channel and upload it to all popular social networks. Alternatively, post a short clip of a full video to social media. You can also embed your teaser in popular channels' comment sections. 


Share videos on Reddit & Quora

Online communities and forums answer questions people have. Follow popular threads and post answers in the form of a video. People most likely will choose a video over having to read a paragraph. Recommend other relevant videos of yours in the same answer. For moderators to not consider you spammy, find groups that match the topic in your channel. Join discussions without sharing links at first. Notice what people discuss the most. Then create a relevant video and share the link.


To get more views on YouTube, you need to keep at it. There is something new every day to learn and improvise. Follow popular YouTubers and take note of what they are doing right. Follow patterns and trends online. Be fast about making relevant videos and share...share...share. Good luck!


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