How to Give a Perfect Digital Marketing proposal for a Client.

After delivering SEO proposals for more than 15 years. I have learned many things. For those of you out there embarking on your own client acquisition mission be it as a freelance SEO consultant or agency. 1. NEVER give a proposal away before giving an indication of price - why waste time creating a proposal unless you have a clear understanding of budget? If you are out of budget any time you invest in a proposal will be lost. 2. ALWAYS get access to search console and do a full spectrum analysis of query performance over time (non brand) - look at query coverage, impression performance and look at how their keywords have moved over time. 3. ALWAYS give a proposal where pricing is clear. 4. ALWAYS be honest. Don't be a have a go hero to try and win new business. I found the more frank I was with a search console assessments with the client, the more likely they were to come back to me. 5. ALWAYS ask about their current SEO efforts and anyone they have worked with - you need to remember there is "bad business" out there - clients who will want everything for nothing. 6. BE PREPARED - your proposals are likely to be shared with other consultants. I've been given proposals sent to potential clients by other agencies and clients.

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